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Monitoring tools to keep everything under control


A high usable Front-End and an effective back-end control system for data integrity


The travel object list


The perfect representation of a package lies in its details, nothing to chance


Ensuring the highest probability of approval of the proposed product

(d)ata (e)ntry (s)earch OTA Package


desp-OTA is a B2B multi-channel web oriented solution with SOAP interfaces for composition, management, publishing and third-party monitoring and reporting of the booking process for TO. It is targeted to tour operators of small and medium size wanting to broaden the market for their products for which desp-OTA provides a web interface for uploading content and control tourism accreditation and markup: configurable for each channel and / or individual customer reseller.


Web solution for tour operators allowing travel packages uploads in a virtual and dynamic catalog. Included packages in the catalog can then be searched and booked through multiple accredited channels such as third party websites or B2B applications able to talk in a OTA standard protocol[link to opentravelalliance.org]. The features set includes: destinations uploads, airports and facilities availability on allotment , price and markup for different channels, reservations booking and monitoring, reports and comprehensive statistics are available on-demand both in PDF format and as a dashboard in the administration interface.

Customer benefit

The greatest benefit for the publisher account is the possibility of broaden the market for their products with a single click and the renewal process of their creation and management within the TA. With Desp-OTA the catalog and all its parts become dynamic entities and may be modified at any time as needed reducing the risks of existing business or quickly creating new opportunities with specific products and solutions. Whilst providing the end customer a travel experience more relevant to the catalog.

  • virtual and dynamic catalog on-line
  • Geo-referenced and centralized database of photo, video, documentary
  • OTA compatible
  • Dynamic and configurable search criteria
  • Multi-channel: opportunity to spread the product across multiple channels
  • Different markup per channel
  • full control over bookings
  • Low learning curve


The technologies used are the most advanced in J2EE platform (struts 2.0, Hibernate, Jasper Reports, SOAP) in order to ensure robustness and usability of the upload interface(Web 2.0) and consistency to the information content which, to facilitate a greater diffusion, follow the standard OTA and are consulted by third parties through integrated web Services. As corollary of the core device are services of email notifications between all parties involved and configured in the process, the portlets monitoring in real-time entities for daily analysis and monitoring of sensitive quantities. The Web platform Portofino Rad [link to Portofino on our website] allows customization quickly.

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