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Choose your preferred areas in your preferred periods and take a look to the offers


Take a look to the pics and rate them to see packages closer to your tastes


Move the cursor on your mood color and take a look to the offers for your


Read detailed info about package


Configure your tablet to get the closest travel agencies list

iPad tour operator catalogue


iPad catalog for tour operators is the most innovative application for tablet in the world of tourism. The user is involved in a sensory experience through which He will be able to choose the travel package that comes closest to your needs. Created as an iPad application It has been expanded and is now available for next-generation tablet.


The application aims to guide you in choosing a travel in three different but integrated ways:

Classic mode: user chooses one or more areas of interest in one or more periods of the year and information on selected areas (climate, type of government, vaccine / no ...) will be displayed and various packages available for that choices can be viewed in detail and eventually purchased

Emotional mode: the user is guided in the choice of a journey through the stimulation of his senses. The user takes a look on a sequence of images and he can assign a rating (from 0 to 5) based on the emotions that caused to him. At the same time will be shown a set of packages changing according to user ratings. In parallel the user can see his "emotional thermometer" that's a multi-coloured area that allows him to set the closest area to his mood and eventually modify it.

Tour Operator mode: the user make a choice based on particular tour operators.

Every choice made in a particular mode influence the choices in other modes turning the experience into dynamic and fun.
In the details of each package are not only present informations (inclusive of costs) about the trip, but also the opportunity to buy or contact the closest travel agencies. The application can be configured to get the list of the closest travel agencies to the actual geographical position.

Customer benefit

  • really userfriendly interface
  • great opportunity to purchase a travel package chosen from among several solutions
  • great opportunity to get the closest travel agencies list
  • make choice on multiple areas in multiple periods
  • great opportunity to get the best offer for periods and areas
  • Technologies

  • XCode
  • PhoneGap
  • Javascript
  • Obective C
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