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product update

Customizzable offer by creating ad hoc products.

product update

You can update rooms of your own hotel specifying number of bed, services, availability, pictures and possible business rules.

product update

Final user can choose the goal of his next trip or let the system help him in the chioce.

product update

With multilanguage hotel description any user can retrieve detailed informations about the hotel, its products, its rooms and its conditions.

product update

Hotel booking is simple and fast.
User select the room/s and the system helps him step by step to complete the operation.

Hotel booking engine


With hotel booking engine we created a new hotel booking portal. The application allows single hotels or hotel chains to sell online rooms and products for tailor-made holydays of final customers which in turn will be able to book rooms or simply retrieve informations about the hotels.


The system consists of a backoffice, which allows hoteliers to configure their hotel and products, and a front-end which allows customers to create their tailor-made holydays. Hotelier can configure a great amount of data about his building: one set of data is relative to static data (that are all data ideally immutable like: number of floors in structure, phone numbers, geographical position….)and one set of data is relative to dynamic data (that are all data that change frequently). Product is certainly the best example and it includes: rooms, price lists, services, cancellation policy. The system can be integrated with any Channel Manager. Is there the possibility of embedding in third-party sites.

Customer benefit

Customer benefit are multiple:

  • portal turns into a powerful tool monitoring the whole booking system, the hotel, day by day availabiltily of any hotel room
  • It provides additional access on the Web to all hoteliers who want to sell teir products.
  • It makes the search for a hotel simple and immediate to the end user, providing any kind of information about any hotel, room and product.


The technologies used are:

  • java
  • struts
  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql

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