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About us

Celeweb: high-skilled-people software house

We craft web and mobile applications for on line tourism, enterprise management and accounting, mobile marketing, geo-localization, e-commerce. All applications we made follow this guidelines:

  • Usability
  • Process driven design
  • Strongness
  • Keep it simple
  • The way we design software

  • start with less, finish with more (80% of functions is used 20% of times)
  • don't reinvent the wheel: when possible use ready and customizable solutions
  • keep it simple: when something sounds complicated to realize, throw away your ideas and restart to think about it
  • reduce, reduce, reduce and reduce
  • The way we make software

  • Brainstorming
  • MindMapping
  • Process analysis
  • Interfaces mockup
  • Working prototype
  • Engineering
  • Development
  • Test (human and automated)
  • Pre-release
  • Keyuser feedback
  • Finishing
  • Release
  • The way we deliver software

  • We like and use open source so, when needed, we deliver both the source and the binary
  • Our applications can run on multi-platform (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows)
  • Virtualization is a good way to have secure, high-available, hardware independent application setup, so we can deliver a ready to use appliance on VirtualBox or VmWare on demand