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Create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB
Portofino, create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB

Create WEB-based application for you and your customers, simple interface, workflow management, live data dashboard with textual and graphic reports.
Open source !

Create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB
Clean and simple web interface

Just define the model of your application with tables and columns, and Portofino automatically creates the user interface.

Create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB
Integrated search engine

Integrated search engine enable quick and precise searches on the entire database of your application.

Create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB
All what you need is a Web Browser

You can define the model with the WEB-Browser and see the result on the fly. Just reload the page of your app to see the changes.

Create your database, define your workflows, publish to the WEB
Text, date, blob, boolean attributes, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships

You define your database and Portofino handles all the hassle keeping all things working and data-integrity under control.



With Portofino you can create working WEB applications in minutes, just the time to describe tables, columns, relationships, all in a simple and fast web interface.

This is what we mean a real WEB Rapid Application Development Framework.

It provides a lot of functionalities out of the box like: user management and authentication, dynamic SCRUD web interface for data entry, update and search, web modeling tools, portlets, reports, workflow management.

You can use the Portofino standard interface or customize it with your own CSS and Javascript functions. If you need deep customization you can extend Portofino in many directions becouse it is really object oriented Java.

Portofino is Open source ! And Commercial too. Dual licencing permit to choose the best business model depending on the customer needs. Open source licence is GPL with FLOSS exception, so if you need to develop for internal use or if you distribute open source software, this is the right choice. If you develop a proprietary application using Portofino and you do not want to distribute it under the terms of an open source license, you can purchase a commercial subscription.


Automatic cross-browser web interface generation

  • forms (create-read-update-delete operations)
  • navigation of relationships
  • searches with flexible multiple filtering
  • full-text searches
  • workflow operations
  • breadcrumbs
  • read/write fields based on permissions
  • field-level and semantic validations
  • cascaded selections
  • user management
  • binary files upload
  • interactive dashboards/portlets with drill-down
  • parametric reports in pdf and other formats
  • Data modeling features

  • classes (entities/tables)
  • attributes (columns) of eight different types
  • blobs for binary documents and images
  • one-to-one and one-to many relationships
  • flexible many-to-many relationships through intersection classes (also with attributes on the intersection class)
  • inheritance
  • modeling done at the logical level
  • automatic mapping to six database technologies
  • real-time database schema changes (DDL)
  • Supported Models

  • data (see below)
  • workflows (see below)
  • permissions
  • portlets
  • reporting
  • calculated attributes
  • constraints
  • operations
  • Workflow modeling features

  • inite-state-machine (FSM) model
  • states
  • transitions
  • guards (conditions to enable/disable transitions)
  • custom workflow actions
  • automatic email notifications
  • flexible permissions based on state/attribute/user
  • Security and permissions

  • Internal or external authentication&authorization
  • single sign-on integrations: Java security realms,LDAP,MS Active Directory,JOSSO,Novell iChain reverse proxy,custom
  • application-level security based
  • workflow state-driven authentication
  • Database technologies

  • Commercial: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM
  • Open-source: Postgres, Mysql, Apache Derby (embedded, not for production)
  • Customer benefit

    Developers can concentrate their effort on customer needs, not on the infrastructure and avoiding repetitive-time-consuming developing activities.

    The "customer pereceived value" is based on his specifications and espectations, things like user authentication, e-mail queues, data-integrity are not so evident but are necessary. With Portofino the developer can deploy a prototype application in few ours and the customer can test the prototype easily. Both are on the same "wave" and the final product will cover all the customer espectations with the right effort.


  • Java 5 SE
  • Struts 2
  • Ajax
  • JFreeChart
  • JasperReports
  • Tomcat/GlassFish/Jboss
  • Cross platform, cross browser