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Portofino Developer Network


If you want to know how develop fast and flexible with Portofino, join the Portofino Developer Network (PDN) and became a Certified Portofino Developer Partner (CPDP).

To became a CPDP follow these steps:

  • Part 1 (free): explore and get involved

    1. Register for free yourself in the Portofino Developer Network (only e-mail needed, we will not say your e-mail address to anyone)
    2. You'll receive an e-mail containing the password to access PDN
    3. Now you can access PDN and browse contents like tutorials, examples, code snippets, case histories and much more

  • Part 2 (premium): based on your needs, choose the kind of class you want to buy (comparison chart - price list here)

    • on-line, on demand, individual, webinar (skype/teamviewer): for fast start, full immersion 2-4 hour live tutorial with a Celeweb Developer
    • scheduled, collective seminar (we'll host the seminar in a convenient place for all the participant): one, day, full immersion classical teaching day, with open, collaborative, Q&A final session
    • on site, on demand, individual seminar (transfer expences at your charge): one day, full immersion, only for you and your collegues, take the advantage of seating at the same table of experienced developers teaching you all you need to know for start developing effortless with Portofino

  • Part 3 (discounts): you can buy Portofino commercial licences and support services to serve your customers with high-level professional services (price list here)

    • Commercial licences for deploy with no-gpl rules and no sources
    • Pre-paied support services from our developer Team
    • Custom project developement: designing, modeling, deploying

    Class details

    Basic Portofino Class

  • Target: introducing basically all Portofino functionalities. At the end of the class you will be able to develop a complete application.
  • Duration: 16 hours, each lesson max 8 hours, depending on kind of class: on-line, scheduled, on-site.
  • Class arguments:
    • Architectural Stack
    • Installation
    • Exploring upstairs/downstairs level
    • CRUD Operations
    • Simple, advanced and global search
    • Models overview
    • Data modeling
    • Attribute layout and ordering
    • Relationship layout and ordering
    • Workflow management
    • Portlets
    • Reporting

    Advanced Portofino Class

  • Target: using all Portofino functionalities in deep to develop more interactive applications with automated tasks, business logic
  • Duration: 16 hours, each lesson max 8 hours, depending on kind of class: on-line, scheduled, on-site.
  • Class arguments:
    • Configurations: anonymous users, registered users, mandatory login
    • Advanced user management with workflow integration
    • Class inheritance
    • Advanced workflow: notifications, guards, custom actions
    • Global, class and object operations
    • Listeners, BeanShell and custom actions, API
    • E-mail queue
    • Model versioning

    Mastering Portofino Class

  • Target: extending and customizing Portofino form the interface to the database level.
  • Duration: 16 hours, each lesson max 8 hours, depending on kind of class: on-line, scheduled, on-site.
  • Class arguments:
    • Architectural Stack in deep
    • Setup components (jsp, class, css, images, js)
    • Configuration file: portofino-custom.properties
    • Apache Struts 2 basic knowledge
    • Graphical customization: jsp structure
    • Branding
    • Layout customization
    • Javascript library integration
    • Standard feature customization
    • URL mapping
    • General Metadata: MDConfigContainer and MDConfig
    • Data model: MDClass, MDAttribute e derivatives
    • Workflow model: MDWfState, MDWfTransition
    • MDObjects
    • Permission querying
    • Search: by criteria, free text, free SQL
    • Elements library foundamentals

    Customer benefit

    Portofino Certified Developers take advantages from:

  • Short time to deploy first application developed with Portofino
  • Knowing all the best practice directly from who develop application for real-field cases
  • Having a reliable reference point for support in the High-skilled Celeweb Developer Team
  • Prerequisites

    To follow the class (both in english and italian language) you need to be confident with following technologies

  • Basic Portofino class
    • Web browsing
    • Basic database knowledge
  • Advanced Portofino class
    • Taken the basic class certification
    • Any scripting techniques knowledge
    • Reporting techiques
    • Application server management and setup: Apache/Tomcat
    • Database server and management, SQL data manipulation language
    • CSS / Javascript
  • Mastering Portofino class
    • Taken the basic and the advanced class certification
    • JAVA SE 5 development techniques
    • HTML/CSS/Javacript