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A new extension for Portofino

Portofino JSON API


Portofino JSON API


Portofino JSON API is a lightweight, simple to use, Javascript library to interface Portofino with WEB rich interfaces.

With this Javascript library you can authenticate, query and post data in Portofino. You have to know the data model of the Portofino instance you interact with.

Please note the actual version of the library is a preliminary version, for testing purpose only.


  • Login: authenticate your WEB Rich application with the Portofino instance
  • Logout: close the session opened with Login
  • Search: query the model by classname, filtering by attribute values, or by implementing a datalet (JSonQuerySearch)
  • Read: read one record by id, id can be retrieved by the previous method 'search'
  • Create: create a new record in the specified class with specified attribute values
  • Update: update the specified record by id, in the specified class with specified attribute values
  • Erase: delete the specified record by id in the specified class
  • Customer benefit

  • Creation of rich web interfaces from scratch, taking advantage from modeling and data-integrity check in Portofino
  • Integrate extended functionalities in the Portofino standard web interface
  • Technologies

  • Javascript
  • Ajax
  • Download / Resources

  • Portofino Ajax API on Google Code